Cat Breeds Who Live Longest Which Is Up To 20 Years

Cats may become our loyal friends or perhaps family. We tend to undoubtedly need them to remain with us as long as they will. Though most domestic cats can't live a long life, some breeds tend to own longer generations compared to the others. If you're searching for an associate of a particularly long-living cat breed and wish to relish its company for an extended time to come back, here are ten longest living cats breeds.

1 - American Shorthair

American Shorthair

Average Lifespan : Up to 20 years
The American Shorthair maybe you think of because the “average” cat in America. These felines are actual operating cats. These felines are sturdily and are unbelievably agile. They're created for survival, and so susceptible to only a few health issues. They’re moderately sized and have average intelligence. Sometimes pretty simple to coach and are social as long as they're fitly socialized. They adapt well to homes that contain different animals and other people.

2 - Burmese


Average Lifespan : 18-20+ years
Burmese cats are usually incoherent with Birman cats. Burmese cats are medium-sized cat breeds, whereas Birman cats square measure are an oversized breed with a compact look. Another obvious distinction is that Burmese cats have short coats whereas Birman cats have smooth medium-long fur. Burmese cats are energetic, mocking and people-friendly. They love youngsters and ideal to possess as a family pet.

3 - Bombay


Average Lifespan : 18-20 years
This medium-sized cat breed is muscular and astonishingly serious for his or her ermine size. They're well-balanced and agile, like most different useful breeds. They're mocking and can follow you round the house, meowing for attention. They're terribly folks-dependent and do best if their people are home most of the day. they're clever and may be taught several tricks. Several even relish being walked around on a leash outdoors, wherever they will escape a number of their energy.

4 - Balinese


Average Lifespan : 12-20 years
Balinese cats may be a natural mutation of a Siamese. The Balinese’s physical attribute is comparable to a Felids domestics, however totally different in terms of coat length. Indonesian cats have longer coat length compared with Siamese cats. Scores of adjectives is wont to describe Indonesian cats: outgoing, fond, active, intelligent, agile, 'chatty' then on. A healthy Indonesian cat will reach the age of eighteen to twenty years previous.

5 - Egyptian Mau

Egyptian Mau

Average Lifespan : 12-18 years
The Egyptian Mau may be a medium to hirsute breed. They're one in all the few domesticated breeds that are naturally noticed while not being crossed by some wild cat. This breed is ancient and a certain one in all the breeds that started the fashionable domesticated cat. They give the impression of being almost like a Siamese, however their coat patterns and different characteristics are quite totally different. This feline is understood for his or her mocking and active temperament. They were designed to run, in order that they ought to get their energy out daily.

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6 - Ragdoll


Average Lifespan : 15-20 years
Ragdoll cats have long smooth fur almost like domestics. Even as its name suggests, a Ragdoll cat is easy-going and may become limp once you decide it is, similar to a ragdoll. Ragdolls are friendly, even with strangers. Also, he's laid back, mild and likes to lounge. It prefers indoor life and is not keen on rising. Despite its soft trying, it's truly a tricky and healthy breed.

7 - Persian


Average Lifespan : 15-20 years
Though they give the impression of being calm and quiet, they're truly friendly and like to cuddle up to their favorite folks. Like different cat breeds, Persian cats are susceptible to health problems like membrane Ulcers, tummy issues, symptoms etc. If you have one, confirm you bring it to your vet frequently for a medical checkup. Another issue of the domestics is their grooming. You've got to brush and comb their fur daily to forestall matting. Though their long fur appearance is beautiful, it will make your house become untidy if the domestics tend to shed to a fault.

8 - Oriental Shorthair

Oriental Shorthair

Average Lifespan : 15+ years
They are renowned for being intelligent and mocking. They like taking part in games like fetch and tag. Several are educated to run on a leash and love occurring walks to explore and escape some energy. They're unbelievably athletic and may jump very high. They're social animals and don’t like living alone. They are good with different cats, which can be necessary if you're far from home usually.

9 - Maine Coon

Maine Coon

Average Lifespan : 13-14 years
The Maine Coon may be a well-known cat, just for their giant size. They're friendly and fond, Though they aren’t obsessed with people. They will be left alone to associate extended amounts while not a haul and don’t mind abusive themselves once they ought to. They're social and acquire beside simply anyone, as well as different animals. They aren’t exactly “lap cats,” however they'll relish snuggling from time to time.

10 - Sphynx


Average Lifespan : 8-20 years
They're common among cat lovers who are allergic to fur. The Sphynx cats crave attention and are extremely sociable. They'll greet you once you get home, follow you where you go. Since the Sphynx cats square measure tonsured, they have to be protected against cold in winter and intense heat throughout summer.

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