15 Fun Facts About Summer Season That Help You Know Summer

Whether your plans embody staying near to home, occurring a vacation, or taking a road trip, there’s in all probability loads of cool and fun stuff you may not have far-famed concerning the warmest season of the year. fascinating tidbits concerning warm-weather treats to the foremost fabulous festivals that happen throughout these months, these summer facts are all reasons why it is the best season of the year.

1 - “Summer” came from the English name at that point of the year, sumor. This came from the Proto-Germanic sumur-, that itself came from the Proto-Indo-European root sam- (sam- appears to be a variant of the Proto-Indo-European sem-, which means “together or one”).

Summer Sunset

2 - The month of June was named once either Juniores, the lower branch of the roman Senate, or Juno, the married person of Jupiter. brandy is generally named the month of Gregorian calendar month, in honor of solon. The month of August was named for Julius Caesar's adopted kinsman Roman Emperor Solon Octavius, United Nations agency command the title “Augustus.” He named the month once himself.


3 - Scientists argue that summer babies are considerably more likely to suffer from mood swings than babies born in alternative seasons.


4 - A omnipresent summer treat is watermelon. Watermelon is an element of the cucumber, pumpkin, and squash family and consists of ninety two percent water. 
On average, Americans consume 15 pounds of watermelon yearly.


5 - Mosquitoes have a long life throughout summer months. Mosquitoes are on earth for over thirty million years.


6 - The fact that bears prepare for winter and hibernation through the fall months could be a surprise of nature. During that time bears eat and drink nonstop because they need to put on weight. However, what helps them to survive those cold, food-free months is that they put on so much food throughout the summer.

Brown Bear

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7 - July, the most well liked summer month within the hemisphere, is National Ice Cream Month, not amazingly. Americans eat a median twenty quarts of ice cream a year.. Vanilla is the preferred flavor.


8 - In Chinese astronomy, summer comes on or around 5 may, with the jiéqì (solar term) called lìxià, i.e. “establishment of summer” and summer ends on or around 6 August.

Summer Sun

9 - The Eiffel Tower really grows within the heat of the summer. In high temperatures the tower increases in size, the tower grows to about 6 inches each summer.

Eiffel Tower

10 - It's no secret that sunshine offers multiple health advantages, and plenty of them are mental. "human brains work higher in the summer. Therefore, if you have a heavy loaded work in your mind, you would possibly wish to schedule it for the Gregorian calendar month or August.

Summer Drink

11 - Shakespeare’s summer solstice Night's Dream takes place on Midsummer’s Eve, a time that Elizabethans would have related to celebration. June 21 was related to recreation drinking, mystery, and magic. In his captivating play, Shakespeare captures the gala atmosphere of the season and even includes some summer rituals.

Shakespeare’s summer solstice Nights

12 - In step with meteorologists, summer extends for the full months of June, July, and August within the hemisphere and therefore the whole months of December, January, and February within the hemisphere. underneath meteoric definitions, all seasons are randomly set to start out at the start of a month and finish at the tip of a month.


13 - The “dog days of summer” seek advice from the dates from Gregorian calendar month third to August eleventh. they're named therefore once the binary star the Sothis. This star is found within the constellation of Canis Major.


14 - Youngsters are additional seemingly to achieve weight over the summer as a result of youngsters who are less active, are additional seemingly to have an inconsistent sleep schedule, and have a tendency to eat additional food.

Food And Boy

15 - Several ancient civilizations celebrated June 21 as an example, the traditional Greeks celebrated the agriculture god Cronus; the traditional Romans paid tribute to Vesta, the deity of the hearth; and the ancient Chinese honored muliebrity and the force called rule.

Summer Beach

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