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France is one in all the world's most well-liked traveler destinations, hosting over ninety million tourists p.a. around the world. France is additionally well-known for its wines and refined cuisines. France is additionally famed for its pleasant climate, brilliant beaches, castles, historical museums, exceptional gardens and parks. The Following are the most well-liked attractions of France.

1 - Eiffel Tower, Paris

Eiffel Tower

The Eiffel tower is the image of Paris and one in all the highest traveler attractions in France. At 324 meters (1,063 feet) tall, it's still the best building in Paris, providing beautiful vistas of the town below. Since its construction over 200,000,000 individuals have visited the tower creating it the foremost visited paid traveler attraction within the world.

2 - Disneyland Theme Parks, Paris

Disneyland Theme Parks

Disneyland is among one in all the foremost visited places in Europe, and leading amusement park attractions, especially by families and children. Park receives around fifteen million guests every year. Castle or the Kyriad inside the pleasure ground space. Free shuttle for deciding and drop from these hotels are provided in each 10-15 minutes. Aside from two totally different theme parks (Disneyland Park and filmmaker Studios Park), there's a search district, course and film producer Village for even a lot of magic and fun. Read This: Everyone Has A  Wish To Go These World Famous Amusement Parks

3 - St Tropez

St Tropez

St Tropez may be a resort community on the French Riviera but it's a military defense, fishing village and creative person colony, it's currently a playground for the jet set, fashion models, and millionaires. The beaches are popular for sunbathers, whereas others come for windsurfing, sailing, motorized water sports and boating. Outside in peak summer there are less celebrities to identify however you’ll conjointly instantly appreciate what lured artists, writers and film manufacturers to the present picturesque village.

4 - Palace of Versailles, 

Palace of Versailles

Palace of Versailles is the largest palace of France, conjointly referred to as country house de Versailles. The primary part of this palace was designed by Louis XIII king in 1624 as a lodge. today palace of Versailles becomes the foremost traveler attraction of the country. It's conjointly used for hosting a range of political functions. Within the palace the rooms have totally different size and designs, and vary by rank of person living there. The hall of mirrors becomes the most vital palace to go to by the tourists, that diffuses the day lightweight. The garden in the palace of Versailles has a French vogue, enclosed 200000 trees, over two lacks of flowers of numerous species and fifty fantastic fountains.

5 - Chamonix


Chamonix Valley is one of the 
France oldest ski resorts. The primary Olympic Games were held here in 1924. It's settled close to Monte Bianco within the French Alps. In winter foremost skiers and boarders push themselves to extremes on Europe’s most difficult slopes whereas within the summer months Chamonix may be a mecca for alpine mountaineers and mountain rockers. Riding a compartment through the mountains is still common in the summer.

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6 - Mont Saint-Michel

Mont Saint-Michel

France's most hanging landmarks. This "Pyramid of the Seas" may be a mystical sight, perked eighty meters on top of the bay and encircled by imposing defensive walls and bastions. The most traveler attraction, the Abbaye du Mont Saint-Michel may be a marvel of medieval design with soaring Gothic spires. Guests are awed by the serene great thing about the Abbey Church, with its harmonious Romanesque architecture area and ornate high-vaulted choir.

7 - Gorge Du Verdon

Gorge Du Verdon

The Gorge du Verdon in southeastern France, is the foremost stunning stream canyons and must-see natural wonders of Europe. It’s at its deepest around 2300 feet, between Castellane and Moustiers-Sainte-Marie, an ideal place to find and check out all new aquatic activities like Rafting, aqua-trekking, Hydrospeed, Canyoning, and kayaking etc.

8 - The Louvre, Paris

The Louvre

One of the biggest depositories within the world, settled in Paris. The spectacular assemblage of this depository makes it the most visited depository within the world. The contribution from following French emperors conjointly enlarged the gathering of historical objects within the depository. The Louvre pyramid at the doorway is another vital attraction of this depository, designed by creator I.M Pei.

9 - Provence


Provence invites guests to flee into a dreamy bucolic landscape of olive groves, covered rolling hills, and deep purple lavender fields, with very little villages close within the valleys and perked on rocky outcrops. The colorful scenery has charmed several celebrated artists, together with painter Matisse, Chagall, and Pablo Picasso. The country's natural beauty, country charm, and easygoing atmosphere of Provence permits the region's art DE vivre (art of living) to flourish. Sultry weather encourages leisurely strolls on paving stone streets and afternoons spent on sunny terraces of outside cafés.

10 - Château De Chambord

Château De Chambord

The house de Chambord may be a masterpiece of the French Renaissance. Construction of the country house DE Chambord started in 1519 by King François I where he may hunt within the close forests. The cold and big 440 rooms of the country house created it less-traveled as an actual residence and Francois I himself stayed here for fewer than forty days in total.

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