Learn Some Fun Fact About Panda To Know Them Better

When we consider giant pandas, we predict pretty black and white bears. they're cute and have several fans everywhere on the planet. However, does everyone understand pandas? Here are ten attention-grabbing panda bear fun facts to assist your recognition of them.

1 - Pandas have 6 "fingers.


A panda's 6 "finger" is sort of a human thumb. it's an equivalent perform as a thumb, however it's really an uncommon carpal bone or opposable paw heel with sturdy muscles, however no movable joints, that permits it to know food.

2 - A panda can poop 82 kilos per day.


99% of a panda's diet consists of bamboo, however its gastrointestinal tract retains carnivorous characteristics. large pandas' ability to digest bamboo is low at 20%, and bamboo itself is low in nutrients., so as to stay up their energy, pandas got to eat a great deal of bamboo and so poop a lot! large pandas poop each 15–20 minutes. The overwhelming majority of their fecal matter is undigested bamboo.

3 - Panda cubs are pink.

Panda Baby

A newborn panda cub weighs solely a hundred grams (3.5 oz.). They are born as fur-less, pink, and blind. Their painting black and white color coat grows for 3 weeks. Pandas are typically born in August. So, if you would like to ascertain cute panda cubs, they are available in August.

4 - Pandas use scent to mark their territory.

Giant Panda

Giant pandas mark their territory by going their scent on tree bark through piss, rubbing scent glands, and different ways that. The higher they are ready to mark their scent on a tree the stronger they could be a general decree of the panda community.

5 - Spring is the sexual practice season for pandas.

Cute Pandas

Males and females giant pandas usually associate once a year for 2 to 3 days, typically in March to May annually. A gestation lasts about five months. Within the wild, feminine giant pandas can emit special sounds like baa, dog bark, or cow bark throughout their stage, whereas male giant pandas can leave scent markers as a proof to draw in feminine giant  pandas.

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6 - Pandas don't hibernate.

Giant Panda

Unlike most alternative bears, pandas don't hibernate. Once winter approaches, they head lower down their mountain homes to hotter temperatures, wherever they still chomp away on bamboo!

7 - Pandas eat a great deal of bamboo.


Giant pandas are technically carnivores, however their diets consist nearly completely of bamboo. As a result of the plant lacking abundant nutritional quantity, pandas eat up to eighty five pounds of bamboo on a daily basis to take care of their energy levels and might scarf down a shoot in forty seconds. (Don’t worry, their throats have a special lining to shield against splinters.) however all that fiber has facet effects, associate degree adult panda will turn out over sixty pounds of dejection in twenty four hours.

8 - Pandas love their naps.


Instead of sleeping through the night, wild pandas take naps once feeding that last two to four hours. During the summer, they'll nap for 6 or a lot of hours. They don’t care regarding the position they sleep in, either. they'll snooze on their backs, sides, or bellies, coiled during a ball, or all sprawling out. Hopefully our panda facts won’t place you to sleep!

9 - Pandas price alone time.

Cute Pandas

Adult pandas don’t spend abundant time interacting with one another, and they’re typically quiet animals. However, they often communicate through scent marks, squeaking, barking, growling, or huffing.

10 - Pandas have immense growth spurts.

Giant Panda

Pandas grow from little to large during a few short years. Pink, blind, and hairless, panda infants weigh simply 3 to 5 ounces and are compared in size to a stick of butter. However, at intervals a year, pandas turn around one hundred pounds, totally mature pandas are up to 6 feet long and reach 350 pounds. This isn’t one among the sole panda facts that may surprise you, there are a great deal of panda facts that the typical person doesn’t know!

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