Fun Fact About Bunny That Change Your Outlook For Bunnies

Cute, fuzzy, downy and hopping mad, we love these lovable creatures, additionally referred to as bunnies rabbits are nice companions, particularly after they have the liberty and chance to indicate their terrific personalities! If you're trying to find a big-eared pal, look no further than your native shelter wherever there are typically adoptable rabbits.

1 - Rabbits will rotate their ears 180 degrees to pinpoint the precise location from which a sound is returning.


A bunny/ rabbit high alert can have their ears projected straight up, listening. A relaxed rabbit might need ears that droop a touch or perhaps flip sideways. Terribly afraid rabbits can place their ears straight back and flat to their bodies, attempting to form themselves as little as doable.

2 - They eat their own poop.


The rabbit’s diet is actually exhausting to interrupt, thus rabbits have 2 sorts of poops: one exhausting dry pellet, and one soft black orb. The rabbit can eat this soft one once more, that permits their digestive system to wring nutrients out of the food. It’s primarily constant plan as a cow mastication is cud, except rather than half-barfing up partly digestible food, the rabbit fare pooped-out the partly digestible food.

3 - Rabbit teeth never stop growing up.


A rabbit’s teeth never stop growing! Many of us believe they have to chew to keep their teeth short. Whereas they are doing fancy mastication, it’s the traditional wear from wherever their prime and bottom teeth meet that keeps a rabbit’s teeth short.

4 - Bunny cannot vomit.


Bunny cannot vomit because of the strong and thick sphincter. They have a one way digestive system because of the weak muscular structure in their diaphragm and stomach.

5 - Baby rabbit is called a kit or kitten.

Baby Rabbits

The female adult rabbit is called a does, and therefore the male adult rabbit is called a bucks, giving birth is called kindling and baby bunny are called kittens. Whereas they'll share their names with different animals, they’re all bunnies to us!

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6 - Bunny’s eyes are on the perimeters of its head.

Cute Bunny

This gives them a nearly 360° read of their surroundings. A rabbit can’t see directly in front of them, however they need a read of what’s happening behind them. Since rabbits are prey animals, their vision is one in every of the most things that keep them safe. 

7 - Bunny can sleep with their eyes open.


Bunny normally close their eyes while they're sleeping only when they feel that they are quite safe. If you thought that your rabbit never sleeps since it never closes its eyes, they actually napping right in front of your eyes because they not feels safe. It is a cool fact right!

8 - Rabbits have their own anger language.


Rabbit behavior isn’t quite as well-studied as that of cats or dogs, however we tend to still have a reasonably sensible understanding of what they’re making an attempt to inform us (or a predator, or another rabbit). Like cats, rabbits indicate feeling with their ear position; ears turned backwards or ironed low over their back indicate agitation or anger. Same with body position: a rabbit that has turned to face you directly is perhaps pretty angry. However, within the direct inverse of cat behavior, a rabbit’s tail pointed up or out indicates anger, whereas a tail tucked down indicates peacefulness.

9 - Rabbits groom themselves as cats do.

Cute Rabbits

Rabbits lick their paws and clean their faces and ears. If you see a bunny doing this, be ready for the beauty overload. They use their tongues to wash the remainder of their fur and frequently groom themselves a couple of times on a daily basis.

10 - Scent glands within the rabbit’s chin are wont to mark territory.


If you see a rabbit rubbing their chin on one thing, that item is being claimed. Sometimes, it is your leg or hand! Read This: 10 Things to Know Before You Adopt a Rabbit

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