World Lowest Currencies Which Feels You Rich

If you want to have a rich lifestyle, you have a low budget but you want to give your family the best world tour or want to go somewhere where your currency is strong, I suggest you go to those countries where currency is not strong or where you can buy 20 to 30 things just for $1. If you decide to go, those countries, you have a nice low budget trip.

1 - Iranian Rial (1 USD is 42250.00 IRR)

Iranian Rial

The rial is Iran currency. Basically Iran is Western Asia Country and also called Persia. Iran is an Islamic Republic country. After Saudi Arabia Iran is the second-largest country in the Middle East and fifth-largest country in Asia. If you spend $1 in Iran, the amount of Iranian Rial is 
42250.00 IRR, which means you spend as much money as you can.

2 - Vietnamese Dong (1 USD is 22807.51 VND)

Vietnamese Dong

The Dong is Vietnam currency. Vietnam is the South-east Asian country. Vietnam known for Buddhist pagodas, bustling cities, beaches, and rivers. Hanoi is Vietnam's capital and Ho Chi Minh City is the largest city of Vietnam. Your 1 USD amount in Vietnam is 
22807.51 VND.

3 - Indonesian Rupiah (1 USD is 
14362.90 IDR)

Indonesian Rupiah

Rupiah is Indonesia's currency. Indonesia is a Southeast Asia country. Indonesia is the 14th largest country by area total 1,904,569 square kilometers and world's biggest Island country. Your 1 USD in Indonesia is 
14362.90 IDR.

4 - Uzbekistani Som (1 USD is 10883.61 UZS)

Uzbekistani Som

The Som is Uzbekistan currency. Uzbekistan is Central Asia landlocked country. Uzbekistan is an Islam religion country. 1 USD is  Uzbekistan 10883.61UZS.

5 - Sierra Leonean Leone (1 USD is 11557.30 SLL)

Sierra Leonean Leone

Leone is the Sierra Leone currency. Sierra Leone is the country of the southwest coast of West Africa. Sierra Leone is known around the world for their blood diamonds. 1 USD in Sierra Leone is 11557.30 SLL.

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6 - Guinean Franc (1 USD is 9018.97 GNF)

Guinean Franc

The Franc is Guinea currency. Guinea is a country in West Africa. Guinea is second largest producer of bauxite(is a naturally occurring, heterogeneous material) in the world. Your 1 USD in Guinea is  9018.97 GNF.

7 - Laotian Kip (1 USD is 11485.99 LAK)

Laotian Kip

Kip is the  Laos currency. Laos is the only landlocked country in Southeast Asia and a socialist state. Laos is also called Land of a Million Elephants. 1 USD in Laos is 11485.99 

8 - Paraguayan Guarani (1 USD is 6959.79 PYG)

Paraguayan Guarani

The Guarani is Paraguay currency. Paraguay is a South American country. Paraguay is also called the land of water and has the world's largest hydro-electric power plants. 1 USD in Paraguay is 6959.79 PYG.

9 - Cambodian Riel (1 USD is 4082.97 KHR)

Cambodian Riel

The Riel is Cambodia currency. Cambodia is the Southeast Asia country. Buddhism religion is the official state religion. You can explore the nature beauty. Your 1 USD in Cambodia is 4082.97 KHR.

10 - Ugandan Shilling (1 USD is 3528.21 UGX)

Ugandan Shilling

Shilling is Uganda currency. Uganda is East Africa landlocked country. Uganda is known for vast number of species, you can see mountain gorillas in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park and in the  Murchison Falls National Park you can watch hippos. Your 1 USD in Uganda is 3528.21 UGX.

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