Famous Landmarks In The World With Their Specialties

Every single place within the world have a particular landmark that create them acknowledge simply. Landmarks are often manmade or natural, touristry create them widespread by time. The manmade landmarks reveals a couple of specific culture and history of an area.

1 - Taj Mahal, India

Statue of Liberty

The most in style historical monument of Republic of India, placed within the town of urban center. it absolutely was designed by Mughal Emperor within the memory of his better half Mumtaz Mahal. The four sides of this 171 meter monument are dead identical. Twenty eight differing kinds of precious stones are adorned in spot of Taj Mahal. It additionally options completely different coloring at different period of each day.

2 - Statue of Liberty, New York

Statue of Liberty

Statue of liberty is recognized as universal image of freedom, a vast sculpture placed in Manhattan of latest royalty town. The sculpture really representing Roman deity of freedom, a present from folks of France to us. It additionally commemorate declaration of yankee independence. The statute really created of copper and currently seems in inexperienced color because of oxidization. it's concerning four numerous holidaymaker visited sculpture of liberty per annum however climb to high of this sculpture closed for the general public.

3 - Great Wall of China

Great Wall of China

China’s most well-liked holidaymaker attraction, one in all seven wonders of medieval world. it's the longest artificial structure within the world Great Wall of China isn't the least bit continuous one, created of range of various sections. Stones, bricks, tamped earth and woods are used for the development of Great Wall.

4 - Pyramids of Giza, Egypt

Pyramids of Giza

Pyramids of Giza,  are oldest and largest pyramids within the world. Additionally one in all splendid artificial structures within the world. These pyramids are designed as tombs for ancient Egyptian kings. These royal tombs additionally reflects the ability and wealth of ancient civilization in Egypt.

5 - Eiffel Tower, Paris

Eiffel Tower

It is one in all the foremost recognizable structures within the world, placed in capital town of Paris in France. it absolutely was named when Gustave applied scientist, the engineer accountable of it's construction. Eiffel tower to succeed in the highest, bring fantastic thing about entire town. Seven numerous folks visited this monument per annum.

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6 - Big Ben, England

Big Ben

It is really a large clock of Westminster palace in London. Clock is world’s largest chiming clock with four faces and third tallest standing tower in the planet. It's named when Benjamin Hall, one in all designer of this tower UN agency acknowledged for his Brobdingnagian body.

7 - Golden Gate Bridge, California

Golden Gate Bridge

It is the foremost recognizable landmark of Golden State, a bridge that connects metropolis Bay and Marin country of North Golden State, between sound strait within the State. The bridge is 3 miles long and concerning one mile wide.

8 - Colosseum, Rome


It is the most important amphitheatre within the world, from empire. It's additionally the foremost in style holidaymaker attraction and picture image of Rome it absolutely was used for hosting gladiator contest, animal hunts and dramas.

9 - Sydney Opera House, Australia

Sydney Opera House

Sydney Opera House is that the most recognizable and icon of Australia, placed in Bennelong purpose of Sydney harbour. Sydney theater hosts over 1500 performance per annum, one in all the busiest art centers within the world.

10 - Stonehenge, England


One of the foremost in style sites within the world, placed in national capital in England. This prehistoric monument contains range of standing stones and many burial mounds. 2 varieties of stones referred to as sarsen and blue stones are used for it’s construction the particular purpose and therefore the ways used for delivery Brobdingnagian stones to the positioning still stay as a mystery.

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