Must Watch Turkish Shows You Should Add To Your Watchlist

These are Famous and my favorite turkey shows. These are Erkenci Kus, Ask Laftan Anlamaz, Dirilis: Ertugrul, Endless Love, Dolunay, Sen Cal Kapımı and more. This is popular in International and Turkey also. Best for romantic comedy drama. If you want some turkey shows, this is the best choice for you because it's for any age group.

1 - Erkenci Kus (English Name - Daydreamer)


Erkenci Kus is a romantic comedy drama with a total of 51 episodes. Released in 2018 .Story follows Sanem who aspires to become a writer and dreams to live in the Galapagos Island. She falls in love with Can, manager of Fikri Harika leading advertising agencies but Sanem doesn't know that Albatros is Can who kissed her on a dark balcony at Fikri Harika 40th anniversary celebration.

2 - Ask Laftan Anlamaz (English Name - Love Doesn't Understand Words)

Love Doesn't Understand Words

Ask Laftan Anlamaz is a romantic comedy show with 31 episodes. Release in 2016. Story starts with Hayat Uzun who is the daughter of a fisherman and under pressure to find a job to live in Istanbul. The multinational textile company Sarte gave her job as personal assistant of Murat Sarsılmaz but they didn't know she was mistakenly using Suna Pektas identity who is daughter of Sarsilmaz's family friend. Hayat needs this opportunity to stay in Istanbul. She decides not to tell anyone before she finds a new job.

3 - Dirilis: Ertugrul (English Name - Resurrection Ertugrul)

Resurrection Ertugrul

Dirilis: Ertugrul is a historical, adventure, action and Islamic drama. Five seasons and 150 episodes. After its release in 2014 this show was released on Netflix into episodes 448. The story is based on the 13th century Turkish warrior Ertugrul. He is the father of Osman and one of the most famous warrior's of his time. 

4 - Endless Love

Endless Love

Endless Love is a romantic drama, two seasons and total episodes 74. Released in 2015. Story based on two young people Kemal Soydere who belongs to a middle class family and Nihan who belongs to a rich family.  Both belong to separate worlds and fall in love with each other.

5 - Dolunay (English Name - Full Moon)

Full Moon

Dolunay is a romantic comedy drama with 26 episodes. Release in 2017. Story follows Ferit Aslan who is a businessman and Nazli Pinar who is a young culinary student who becomes Ferit’s private chef. Ferit and Nazli agree to engage for Bulut custody, who is Ferit's nephew.

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6 - Sen Cal Kapımı (English Name - You Knock on My Door)

You Knock on My Door

Sen Cal Kapımı is a romantic comedy drama with two seasons and 52 episodes. Released in 2020. Story follows Eda Yıldız who is a brilliant architecture student who pursued her studies with scholarships but because of Rich and famous architect Serkan Bolat she loses her international scholarship. Serkan Bolat agreed to Eda pretending to be his girlfriend for two months to restore her scholarship.

7 - Bay Yanlis (English Name - Mr. Wrong)

Mr. Wrong

Bay Yanlis is a romantic comedy show, with 14 episodes. Released in 2020. Story is based on Ozgur, a rich restaurant owner who lives a careless life and does not believe in love. Ezgi who is tired of wrong relationships and wants to get married.

8 - Bizim Hikaye (English Name - Our Story)

Our Story

Bizim Hikaye is a romantic comedy show, two seasons and 70 episodes. The story is based on Filiz whose mother left she's family because of her lower-class status and her father is an alcoholic. She has to take care of her five younger siblings. She has no time for love then she meets Barıs and Barıs falls in love with her but their relationship faces a lot of challenges because of  Barıs's secretive life and mysterious past.

9 - Adını Feriha Koydum (English Name - I named her Feriha)

I named her Feriha

Adını Feriha Koydum is a romantic show, three seasons and 80 episodes. Released in 2012. Story follows Feriha Yılmaz who is the talented, ambitious and beautiful daughter of Rıza Yılmaz, a doorman and Zehra Yılmaz, a housekeeper , who belong to a very poor family. She gets a scholarship to a private university where she meets Emir Sarrafoglu, a rich man. Feriha wears her rich neighbour's Cansu clothes to look wealthy and lies about her life for fear of rejection from everyone in her University.

10 - Siyah Beyaz Aşk (English Name - Black and White Love)

Black and White Love

Siyah Beyaz Aşk is a romantic drama, 32 episodes. Release in 2017. Story based on Asli, a surgeon and Ferhat, a mafia leader. She is forced to marry Ferhat to save her life and they both love each other. Asli is trying to change Ferhat into a good man. 

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