Meet the Longest Living Animals on Earth

Animals living beneath natural conditions seldom approach their most doable age as a result of terribly high death rates thanks to death rate, diseases, predators, weather, home ground destruction, or competition for food and shelter.

1 - Immortal Jellyfish

Immortal Jellyfish

Can you imagine being immortal? Reaching maturity so rather than dying, going back and beginning once more as a baby?  For the immortal jellyfish, it's reality. These wonderful animals begin their life as larvae, called hydroid, whirling around within the ocean. They then decide on the seafloor and become static polyps before reworking into swimming medusa. So far, so normal. But, if at any stage immortal jellyfish expertise injury or stress from changes in their surroundings, they'll go backwards to the polyp stage and begin once more. and that they will do that over and over if they get the possibility. several won’t theory as they become dinner for different animals.

2 - Greenland Sharks

Greenland Sharks

Greenland sharks live for between three hundred and five hundred years and are the longest-living vertebrate it absolutely was solely recently that they found a replacement methodology of estimating age that involves geological dating the lens of the attention. New tissues are accessorial to the lens once a year and it's potential to inform the age by what quantity carbon atom is gift within the tissues. Read This: Facts About Sharks For Children

3 - Ocean Quahog

Ocean Quahog

Ocean Quahog edible clam with a formidable period of time. several can live to check their four-hundredth birthday and therefore the preciouses one on record was 507 years old once it absolutely was caught off the coast of Iceland in 2006. Scientists were ready to verify the age by investigating growth rings on the shell, the same as however we have a tendency to age trees. they'll additionally determine different info too. however the shells kind over time tells scientists however the oceans have modified throughout the years – they're a living creature and an image of life in an exceedingly ever-changing world!

4 - Koi Fish

Koi Fish

The average period of time for Japanese Koi is around forty years 
theory. They'll live heaps longer if living within the right conditions. One explicit koi, named “Hanako”, was the exceptional age of 226 once she died in 1977. Scientists were ready to estimate her age by investigating growth rings in her scales.

5 - Bowhead Whales

Bowhead Whales

Bowhead whales will live for over two hundred years, that is longer than the other craniate. It’s not invariably simple to inform their age, though, as they pay their lives within the Arctic and sub-Arctic and might outlast the researchers that study them.

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Red Sea Urchins

Red Sea Urchins square measure believed to be virtually immortal and square measure celebrated to measure for over two hundred years with no signs of ageing. they're much more doubtless to be consumed by a predator than die of age-related condition, and a 100-year-old is simply as healthy and ready to reproduce as a young individual. Finding the age of those prickly echinoderms is feasible by measurement the degree of carbon-14, a method referred to as carbon-14 dating.

7 - Galapagos Islands Tortoise

Galapagos Islands Tortoise

It’s not simply the Galapagos Islands tortoise size that’s value noting; it’s conjointly their age. they will live to be over a hundred, with the oldest celebrated to be 152! The oldest isn't the foremost known, though. Lonesome patron saint was the last remaining Pinta Island turtle on the islands and, for a minute, the world’s rarest creature.

8 - Longfin Eel

Longfin Eel

Longfin eels usually live up to sixty years recent theory the longest living on record reached 106! they're terribly slow-growing animals, growing solely 1-2cm a year, however females eventually grow to a powerful 73–156 cm long.

9 - Macaw


macaws square measure members of the parrot family. they need a protracted period of time and, within the right atmosphere, can live to be sixty to eighty years recent. There square measure reception within the rainforests and kill a mixture of crackers and seeds.

10 - African Elephants

African Elephants

African elephants square measure the most important living land animals and, with a median period of time of seventy years, one among the oldest.

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