20 Lessons That We Can Learn From Bhagavad Gita

The Bhagavad Gita is a Hindu granth teaching us of the cycle of birth and death. When Arjun loses his will for the fight then his Charioteer lord Krishna teaches him about action, renunciation and duty. Gita teaches that every person should assess himself and no one knows us better than ourselves, that's way by assessing your own shortcomings and strengths, you should build a good personality in yourself. Some parts of Bhagavad Gita.
Bhagavad Gita

1 - Believe is all

Believe is all Gita Lessons

People are created by his faith, as they believe, so they become.

2 - All equal to God

All equal to God

I see all beings alike, no one is less or more dear to me, but those who worship me with love live within me and I come into their lives.

3 - Everything happened for a reason

Everything happened for a reason

Whatever is happening in this world is happening for good, whatever has happened till now has also happened for good and whatever happens in future will be good.

4 - Belief in you

Belief in you Gita lessons

Anyone can become whatever he wants, if that person constantly contemplates and he wants with a belief.

5 - Change is rule of the world

Change is rule of the world Bhagavad Gita

You came empty handed and you will leave empty handed, What did you lose that makes you cry, What did you bring here which you lost, what you created was destroyed, whatever you took it's all from here, Whatever given all given here, What is yours today, will belong to someone else tomorrow, because change is the rule of the world. 

6 - Three doors for hell

Three doors for hell

The Hell have three doors Anger, Greed and Lust.

7-  Life Truth

Life Truth By Gita

Death is as certain for the one who is born As much as being born to the dead. Therefore we should not grieve on which is inevitable.

8  - Some moment not is life

Some moment not is life - Gita

In one moment we become the owner of immense wealth and in the next moment we become completely poor.

9 - All is your and you are for everyone

All is your and you are for everyone Lessons From Gita

My-yours, small-big, own-alien erase from the mind, then all is yours and you are everyone's.

10 - Don't think benefit just do you work

Don't think benefit just do you work

Leaving the desire for benefits, only a person who works hard makes his life successful.

11 - Control on anger

Control on anger

Anger creates confusion, confusion disturbed the intellect. When the intellect is disturb, then logic is destroyed. When arguments are destroyed then the downfall of a person starts.

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12 - Change in attitude

Change in attitude Gita Sara

The person who sees knowledge and action as one, the person's point of view is correct with this point of view he can get the desired result.

13 - Live moment because moment is past and future

Bhagavad Gita Sara

Life is in this moment neither in the future or in the past.

14 - Surrender to God

Bhagavad Gita Lessons

Let us surrender ourselves to God. This is the best support. And to get rid of fear, worry and grief there is also a best route.

15 - Beliefs of History, Science and Religion

Beliefs of History, Science and Religion

History said that yesterday was happiness, and science said that tomorrow will be happiness, but religion said if your mind is sincere and heart is good, there will be happiness everyday.

16 - The God Dwells in Our Hearts

Gita Lessons

God lives in our hearts and lead us whorls of the round upon the wheel of maya.

17 - For worried people

Gita Lessons For worried people

Whoever is going to happen it always happens, and what is not going to happen never happens, those whose intellects have such a determination, they never get worried.

18 - All decided

All decided By Gita

No one ever get anything before ahead of time and more than luck.

19 - Incarnation

Gita Sara

Whenever sin, arrogance and unrighteousness increase on this earth, To destroy it and to establish religion again, I will definitely take incarnation.

20 - We don't Know God

We don't Know God From Gita Lessons

I know all living beings in the past, present and future, but in reality no one knows me.

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