Unique Birds With Beautiful Fancy Tail Feathers

Birds are amazing in so many ways. Some birds have amazing spectacular tails. There are 10 amazing bird with beautiful fancy tails feathers.

1 - Ribbon-tailed Astrapia

Ribbon-tailed Astrapia

This remarkably long tail offers a novel look to male astrapia. Its ribbon like white tail feathers grows up to a length of three feet. That’s 3 times of their linear unit. There Found solely within the highlands of New Guinea Papua.

2 - Indian Peacocks

Indian Peacocks

Peacocks have the long, colorful tails, wherever the peahens area unit duller with dappled brown animal material. astonishingly, the tail of a peacock makes its total linear unit. Such  exceptionally long tail of peacock conjointly options jaw droppingly stunning eyespots. the quantity of eyespots and conjointly the length of the tail varies across the peacocks.

3 - Wilson’s Bird of Paradise

Wilson’s Bird of Paradise

Wilson’s bird of paradise may be a spectacularly colorful bird Their tail isn't farewell. however the curve and delightful violet coloration area unit thus distinctive among family. There don't seem to be several birds gift such a powerful mixture of colors as male Wilson’s bird of paradise.

4 - Long-tailed Widowbird

Long-tailed Widowbird

this bird incorporates a long tail. however each beauty and length of its tail area unit on the far side your imagination. That’s virtually 3 times that of their linear unit. It’s thus terrific to observe a long-tailed widowbird on the flight by spreading its exceptionally long tail.

5 - Pheasant


Golden pheasant is Associate in Nursing exceptionally stunning bird with long brown coloured tail. This long tail makes up nearly 2 third of a complete length of a male pheasant.

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6 - Motmot


Motmots area unit a bunch of superbly feathered birds Most species of motmots have a protracted tail with a racket like tipped long tail. It’s the foremost distinguishable feature of motmots.

7 - Hawk


A beautiful common hawk the glorious red-tailed hawks soar high within the sky. If you did, you may have affected by its fantastic thing about tail except its broad wings. The tail of those hawks is brief however wide. hawk is as stunning as its tail.

8 - Passeriform Bird

Passeriform Bird

Superb passeriform bird may be a ground-dwelling bird with a very long tail feathers This wonderful tail of very good passeriform bird feature sixteen feathers. curiously, these long feathers kind a harp (stringed musical instrument) like form.

9 - Long-tailed Tit

Long-tailed Tit

Long-tailed tit isn't simply famous for its long tail however conjointly for its beautiful animal material That’s the tail is longer than the body. It’s the foremost noticeable feature of this bird.

10 - Caudate Flycatcher

Caudate Flycatcher

Named when its long, forked tail, caudate flycatcher could be a medium sized bird that found in Savannas and shrubs of North and Central America. Females area unit duller and have a shorter tail than males. The exceptional, long tail of male bird feature black higher half and white body part. A matured caudate flycatcher encompasses a grey head, white underparts, pink sides, and belly. 

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