Horror Novels of All Time Which Are Adopted In The Movies And Shows

Best 10 Horror Novels ever. If you love to read horror novels or want to know about the novel before you buy a horror novel, read this article till the end. Here are some best horror novels details and story plots, which help you to choose a nice book for you. The books are The Haunting of Hill House, It, The Shining, Bird Box, Interview with the Vampire and so on.

1 - The Haunting of Hill House 

The Haunting of Hill House

The Haunting of Hill House writer is Shirley Jackson. It was published in 1959. This novel won the National Book Award and is known as one of the best literary ghost stories of the 20th century. It is the best novel if you want to read psychological horror with a lot of Freudian themes. 

2 - It


It is a horror novel published in 1986 by American author Stephen King. The idea of this novel in general is fascinating and terrifying at the same time. The novel is considered as the best horror novel in the 1990s. It also has movies. The story follows seven kids who testified of the evil Clown. This novel was named best-selling hardcover fiction book in the USA in 1986.

3 - The Shining

The Shining

The Shining is a horror novel written by American author Stephen King. The book was published in 1977. This novel is Stephen King's third published and first hardback best-seller novel. This is Stephen King's second novel in my list. The book has excellent descriptions, fabulous decisions in context to the atmosphere created and amazing characters. 

4 - Bird Box

Bird Box

Bird Box is the first novel by American author and singer Josh Malerman. The novel was published in 2014 and it's post-apocalyptic novel. The concept is really nice and this story is partially told in a flashback and takes place during three time periods. The necessity to be blindfolded is the real horror. This novel was adapted into a movie with the same name. The novel has a sequel but the book name changed and the title is Malorie.

5 - Interview with the Vampire

Interview with the Vampire

Interview with the Vampire is American writer Anne Rice's first novel published in 1976. The novel has been adapted as a comic three times and film also. The book was followed by many popular sequels are-
1 First book interview with the vampire 
2 Second Book the vampire lestat
3 Third Book the queen of the damned
4 Fourth book the tale of the body thief
5 Fifth book memnoch the devil
6 Sixth book the vampire armand
7 Seventh book merrick
8 Eighth book blood and gold
9  Ninth book blackwood farm
10 Tenth book blood canticle
11 Eleventh book prince lestat
12 Twelfth book prince lestat and the realms of atlantis
13 Thirteenth book blood communion a tale of prince lestat

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6 - Carrie


Carrie is a Stephen King novel. It was his first novel published in 1974. The novel is an epistolary Best horror novel. This novel was one of the most frequently banned novel book in USA schools in 1990s because of the violence, underage sex, cursing and negative view of religion. Carrie is centered around a high school girl named Carrie who is bullied by her mother and then she learns telekinetic powers to control the situation. Is adopted also by a movie with the same name.

7 - The Ruins

The Ruins

The Ruins is a superior horror literature, written by American author Scott Smith novel , set on Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula. The novel was published on July 18, 2006. The story is about a group of friends and two boy-girl couples Trapped in the Mexican jungle where they meet several other tourists from all over the world. They have no idea what horror they will find themselves entangled in. 

8 - Rosemary's Baby

Rosemary's Baby

Rosemary's Baby is a novel by American writer Ira Levin, and this was her second published book in 1967. The novel was the top best selling horror novel of the 1960s. The book is the best novel and turned into the best iconic film. The novel Rosemary's Baby was a massive success after half a century. The story is based on a young pregnant woman who comes to suspect that her elderly neighbors are members of a Satanic cult and they are doing something wrong with her in order to use her baby for their rituals. 

9 - Ring


Ring is a Japanese mystery horror novel Japanese novel name リング, Ringu written by Koji Suzuki it was his first published in 1991. The novel sold 500,000 copies in 1998, 1.5 million copies in 2000. The Ring novel is a massive success on a global platform. This story was adopted in films or television series in Japan and two international films in South Korea and in English movies. The novel has three series-
1 Ring
2 Spiral 
3 Loop

10 - Carrion Comfort

Carrion Comfort

Carrion Comfort is an epic science fiction horror novel by American writer Dan Simmons. The novel was published in 1989. This novel won the Bram Stoker Award, the Locus Poll Award and the August Derleth Award for Best Horror Novel. This is  the 20th century one of the Third greatest horror novels.

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