Know About World Most Beautiful Fishes

Fish are continually one among the foremost fascinating species within the world due to their colorful patterns and exquisite fins. 

1 - Clown Fish

Clown Fish

Clown fish is one among most tasty colorful fishes within the world, found in most of all coral reefs. There square measure twenty eight completely different species of clown fishes square measure in total. they need a sexy orange body with 3 brighter distinctive white bars. All clown fishes square measure born as males and that they switch to feminine upon growing stage. They conjointly build fast and enticing movements whereas swimming.

2 - Mandarinfish


The most colorful and enticing Mandarinfish is native to the Indo-Pacific region. They sleep in lagoons and coral reefs. It's one among terribly active and peaceful marine museum fishes within the world. Mandarin fish make speedy movements in water. Little worms and ocean isopods are the most foods of mandarin fish. This species have a era of fifteen years.

3 - Moorish Idol

Moorish Idol

Moorish idol is one amongst smallest marine vivarium fish species found within the Indian Ocean, Japan and African nations. These species have special yellow and black ribbons among their bodies. Moorish idol is additionally social in nature, found in clusters of enormous numbers. They sleep in coral reefs and pay several times on the surface of the ocean.

4 - Triggerfish


There are forty totally different species of plectognath fish within the world native to the Japanese Pacific Ocean. The larger one in every of the species incorporates a length of three.3 meters. Triggerfishes have robust, robust teeth's facilitate them to catch prey like crabs terribly simply. The oval formed plectognath fish have numerous colors in several components of the body, creating them thus enticing. The color of plectognath fish varies as blue, inexperienced and yellow.

5 - Banggai Cardinalfish

Banggai Cardinalfish

Banggai percoidean is one amongst the peaceful vivarium fish endemic to the banggai Island of state. They inhabit shallow waters across the island. This species of fish area unit terribly tiny in size that measures solely 8cm long. Their body contains a stunning pattern of black and white bars. The one issue that differentiate male fish from a feminine is AN enlarged mouth. They chiefly kill planktons and copepods.

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6 - French Angelfish

French Angelfish

French Angelfish is one in every sub species of angel fish native to Caribbean seas. The fish has a lovely pale mouth, yellow and black body. It grows up to a size of twenty four inches. French angel fish inhabit numerous reef systems and rocks. Marine algae's are the most food of French angelfish.

7 - Blueface AngelFish

Blueface AngelFish

Blueface angelfish are the foremost colorful member of angelfish family, native to the Indo-Pacific region. because the name indicates they need a deep blue coloured face. Their body may be a mixture of sunshine yellow and blue.

8 - Lionfish


Once of the foremost engaging and quite toxic fish species. They need long red and white stripes. Lion fish is native to the Indo-Pacific region, found in numerous colors The stripes of lion fish facilitate them to defend against enemies. Lion fishes have the ability to create instant movement within the water. It allows them to catch the prey simply. The scale of lion fish ranges from eleven one 5 inches and weighs up to 1.5 kg. Lion fishes also are used as vivarium fish in several countries. Read This: Colorful Fish For Aquarium Best For Freshwater

9 - Symphysodon Discus

Symphysodon Discus

Symphysodon discus fishes show intelligent behaviors, displaying various moods. This behavior of discus fishes makes them a typical tank fish. It's native to the Amazon basin of South America, found in blue, brown, green, ruby and golden colors. they're terribly social, forever traveling in teams. ocean turtles and enormous fishes are the most predators of discus fish.

10 - Lyretail Anthias

Lyretail Anthias

Lyretail anthias could be a marine vivarium fish native to the Indo-West pacific. The foremost attention-grabbing feature regarding lyretail anthias is all the fishes within the species born as females and can amend to male upon growing. the color of this species conjointly changes in the growing stage. They are principally found in blue, pink and gold colors. Male lyretail anthias have a size of 5 inches, females area unit very little smaller. They principally sleep in coral systems. 

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