Meet Smallest Dog Breeds In The World

Meet the world's smallest dog breeds. Who are super cute, adorable and Intelligent. Best for your first pet and new member of your family, They are Playful, Alert, Loyal, Intelligent, Friendly, Loving and Protective. These are Yorkshire Terrier, Pomeranian, Chihuahua, Pekingese, Toy Poodle, Maltese and More. This a list of world's smallest dog breeds with Details of their Behavior, Life, Color, Height and Weight.

1 - Yorkshire Terrier

Yorkshire Terrier

Breed: Dog
Height: 7 to 8 inches
Weight: 5 to 7 lbs
Color: Blue & Gold, Blue & Tan, Black & Tan, Black & Gold
Life: 13 to 16 years
Behavior: Bold, Courageous, Intelligent, Independent, Confident.


The Yorkshire Terrier developed in Yorkshire England in the 19th century. Yorkshire Terriers bark a lot which makes them excellent watchdogs, when someone gets close to your home they will sound like alarm. Their barking problem can be solved with proper training and they are easy to train.

2 - Pomeranian


Breed: Dog
Height: 5 to 8 inches
Weight: 4 to 6 lbs
Color: Red, White, Grey-shaded, Black, Orange, Brown, Blue, Cream, Tan
Life: 12 to 16 years
Behavior: Extroverted, Intelligent, Playful, Sociable, Active, Friendly.


Pomeranian also known as Pom. Origin for Pomerania region. They are barking a lot when they hear outside noises. If you do not try, they can develop into a habit of barking for every situation or not necessary. They are good at learning things and training easily.

3 - Chihuahua


Breed: Dog
Height: 5 to 8 inches
Weight: 4 to 6 lbs
Color: Fawn, Black, White, Chocolate, Gold, Cream.
Life: 13 to 16 years
Behavior: Courageous, Quick, Alert, Devoted, Lively, Aggressive.


The Chihuahua Origin for Mexico. Chihuahua may show above average aggression for other dogs and people. Chihuahuas is a bright breed and easy to train for obedience

4 - Pekingese


Breed: Dog
Height: 6 to 9 inches
Weight: 7 to 14 lbs
Color: Red, Golden and Red, Black, Cream, White, Gray, Red Brindle
Life: 12 to 15 years
Behavior: Loving, Alert, Aggression, Loyal, Intelligent, Friendly.


The Pekingese originated from China. They tend to bark a lot and can be hard to train but with nice traits and gentleness. They're wonderful house pets because of their bond  with humans.

5 - Toy Poodle

Toy Poodle

Breed: Water Dog
Height: 9 to 10 inches
Weight: 4 to 6 lbs
Color: Black, Cream, White, Black & White, Apricot, Gray, Brown, Red
Life: 15 to 18 years
Behavior: Responsive, Alert, Sensitive, Lively, Playful, Sociable. 


The Toy Poodles originated in Germany and are also called in German Pudel. They are not suitable for a guard dog. They are easy to train with proper technique and nice traits.

6 - Maltese


Breed: Dog 
Height: 8 to 10 inches
Weight: 5 to 7 lbs
Color: White.
Life: 12 to 15 years
Behavior: Affectionate, Active, Lively, Responsive, Easygoing, Playful, Sweet-Tempered, Docile Easygoing, Fearless, Intelligent.


Maltese have originated in south-central Europe. Maltese do not live in a shed therefore it's a good choice for dog allergies. They are easy to train with, play games and do tricks.

 7 - Shih Tzu

Shih Tzu

Breed: Dog
Height: 9 to 10.5 inches
Weight: 9 to 16 lbs
Color: Brindle, Liver & White, Black, White, Liver, Blue, Light Brown, Black & White, Dark Brown, Golden.
Life: 10 to 16 years
Behavior: Affectionate, Outgoing, Playful, Clever, Lively, Spunky, Intelligent, Friendly, Clever, Spunky.


Shih Tzu originates from Tibet. They live a long life but unfortunately they can suffer from serious liver and kidney disease, itchy skin allergies, knee problems, eye diseases and more. They love to learn new things and are easy to train.

8 - Corgi 


Breed: Dog
Height: 10 to 12 inches
Weight: 24 to 31 lbs
Color: Red, Fawn, Black & White, Sable, Black & Tan.
Life: 12 to 15 years
Behavior: Protective, Playful, Bold, Outgoing, Friendly, Tenacious.


The Pembroke Welsh Corgi Origin for Wales. They were bred as cattle herding dogs. They love to be involved in their family and follow their owners everywhere. They are challenging to train due to their working background.

9 - Pug


Breed: Dog
Height: 10 to 13 inches
Weight: 14 to 18 lbs
Color: Apricot, Silver Fawn, Black, Fawn.
Life: 12 to 15 years
Behavior: Affectionate, Charming, Playful, Mischievous, Docile, Clever, Stubborn.


Pugs are strong willed and rarely aggressive, best for families with children. Pugs Originally in China. Pugs are also called shadows because they love to follow their owners around everywhere and like to stay close. Craving for their owner's attention. They can be easily trained with some traits.

10 - Papillon


Breed: Dog
Height: 8 to 11 inches
Weight: 5 to 10 lbs
Color: Black & White, White, White & Chocolate, Sable, Red & White, Fawn & White.
Life: 13 to 15 years
Behavior: Friendly, Intelligent, Energetic, Happy, Alert.


Papillon Originally for French and also known as the Continental Toy Spaniel. They are easy to train with. They do not bark excessively.


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